How Often Should I Review My Payment Processing?

Slow Down

As a business owner, you have lots of responsibilities.  Some are mission critical and others are far less important. Often, payment processing falls through the cracks.  It’s not something you need to manage daily or … Read More

Poor William the Veterinarian.

Poor William the veterinarian

I used to work at the world’s largest merchant processor.  Sadly, they often failed to provide full-value to the merchants.  Whether through error or increased marginal rates; they steal your hard-earned money.  Let me share … Read More

The Industry is Corrupt

The Industry is Corrupt

Yesterday, an ex-director at a major merchant processor told me, “I love your tag line. ‘I’m fixing payment processing’. I really hope you do.”  Payment processing is broken, because it lacks incentive to help you.  … Read More

Too Good to Be True?

It's too good to be true, isn't it

Today was eye opening.  I was speaking with a CFO of a rather large non-profit when she blurted out, “If you didn’t come so well recommended; I’d think it’s too good to be true.”  I was floored. … Read More

Easy Non-Profit Savings Trick

1 Simple Trick Saves Your Non-Profit a lot of Money

If you’re a non-profit – thank you.  You provide services to those in need at a minimum cost and often at your own expense. Thankfully, Visa, MasterCard, etc. recognize this and reward you.  But, it’s not passive, … Read More

We’re fixing payment processing.

We're Fixing Merchant Processing

This is a corrupt industry.  As one of my clients put it, “Every merchant processing sales person I’ve ever met; is like a used car salesman.”  Sadly, that’s the status of this industry.  Here’s what’s … Read More

3 Pricing Models You Need to Know

3 Pricing Models You Need to Know

In the Merchant Processing world there’s a lot of pricing models, but 3 are most common.  First, I’m going to define a few key terms and then share with you the advantages and disadvantages of … Read More

Why is Merchant Processing so Confusing?

Why is Merchant Processing so Confusing

The most common question I get day-to-day is “How much am I paying my processor?” That’s a good question, but it’s a little sad it’s even asked in the first place.  Merchant processing companies don’t want … Read More